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I’ve been interested in creating art since I was six years old and saw my older cousin drawing the neatest looking WWII airplanes I’d ever seen.  From that point onward, no margin or notebook would be safe from my airplanes, superheroes, or motor vehicle concepts.  As I grew older, I began to see that the really great thing my cousin shared with me wasn’t his artwork, it was his inspiration.  With that, I set upon a career sharing my spark of interest in art and design with others. 

Along the way I discovered that I really enjoy helping other people share what’s important them.  Whether it be lighting and shooting an electric motor that has been a years-long labor of love for a team of engineers, helping an event coordinator communicate the awesome activities they’ve planned for a conference, or helping friends attract support for a good cause, I derive a special sense of accomplishment in helping others share the fruits of their hard work.

As a teacher, I understand the power of listening, clear communication, storytelling, and honest feedback.  Let me put my experience and creativity to work helping you share your spark.  


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