Professional Headshot Session

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Professional Headshot Session

150.00 250.00


  • A studio or location session lasting between 1.5 and 2 hours.   
  • As many looks (wardrobe changes) as can be fit in the session
  • 15-30 lightly processed digital photos from the session



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The Session:

Sessions will run between one and two hours depending on the session type and package. We’ll go through as many poses and clothing / hair / makeup changes as can be fit in that time, so make sure you have everything you’ll need on that day --just keep in mind that too many changes may eat into our session time.  During the session, I’ll also work through a number of lighting, composition, and lens changes to ensure that you have a variety of different types of photos to choose from.    

The Goods

Depending on the package and session type, I will provide a pre-agreed number of digital copies of the best photos from our session to choose from, each with minor processing.  These high quality / formatted digital copies are included with the session fee.  Advanced retouching and prints may also be available for an additional fee.