Step One: The Consultation

Contact me to let me know what type of session you are interested in, as well as what qualities you hope to have captured in your session.  We’ll set a tentative date and time for your session and determine which photo package is right for you.

Step Two: The Business

I’ll send an online contract form with general terms of service.  Once the contract is signed and payment is received (also available online), your session date and time will be finalized.   

Step Three: The Session

Sessions will run between one and two hours depending on the session type and package. We’ll go through as many poses and clothing / hair / makeup changes as can be fit in that time, so make sure you have everything you’ll need on that day --just keep in mind that too many changes may take up part of your session time.  During the session, I’ll also work through a number of lighting, composition, and lens changes to ensure that you have a variety of different types of photos to choose from.    

Step Four:  The Goods

Depending on the package and session type, I will provide a pre-agreed number of digital copies of the best photos from our session to choose from, each with minor processing.  These high quality / formatted digital copies are included with the session fee.  Advanced retouching and prints may also be available for an additional fee.       


Event, Real Estate, & Marketing Photography 

Contact me to see about availability and hourly rates, which are generally dependent on the requirements of each job.  I use professional time tracking and invoicing for complete transparency. 


Illustrations, Logos, & Layouts 

Contact me to learn more about current hourly rates.  Jobs requiring original output and planning may have a flat fee in place of or in addition to my hourly rate depending on circumstances.   


Contact Information

For more information, or to begin scheduling your session, please leave your contact information and brief note here:

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